Field of Action

Visible Memory

We insist on encouraging, through specific programs, a new generation of authors and visual artists who use their talent and critical spirit to investigate issues of social and humanitarian interest. The four lines of research that make up the action plan of the foundation are:


Human Rights


Project: "Convictions of peace"

The social groups and vulnerable communities of the planet must  be the point of reference for the development of any type of initiative guided for the recovery of dignity and the beginning of new system of human development.


The problems and conflicts of any nature extend over them, in most cases, without any kind of protection or international surveillance that denounce the violation of human rights.


Based on them, we develop projects that promote  awareness and the fundamental knowledge to build a future full of humanity. The actions designed point  a route in the construction of a culture of peace that promotes citizen participation, respect and the peaceful solution of conflicts.

Environmental Rights

Project: "AguaCero"


Within this line are lies the efforts to build a visual fund that allows to preserve through images the environmental wealth of the planet. We intent to generate awareness of  good use of water and all environmental resources that are currently threatened by human irrationality.


We Contribute to the dissemination of ancestral memory, visible and intangible, and consolidate an Education for Sustainable Development (EDS) that allows us to internalize the concepts of resignification of living in a sustainable, fair and full world.

Historical Memory

Project: "I need a miracle"

The goal is to contribute to spiritual restoration and inner healing through testimonies of miracles and supernatural manifestations in order to strengthen processes that promote multiplying examples of peace.



Project: "Postconflict: sorry without forges"

It consists in the realization of a fund of memories and testimonies of victims of armed conflicts restored by the concept of forgiveness. The   the concept is based on the fact that the factual knowledge and the logic does not reach so that the citizens of the common one relate well with real histories of extreme intensity. This is nothing more than the incessant search to recover the genuine interest for others, translated into the capacity to imagine how the experience of the other can be applied to our own existence.



Project: "Real stories of real people"
Among the less studied aspects and put into practice we find the difficult and persevering effort of the immigrant. It does not matter if the migration corresponds to forced or voluntary causes, we will always face the identical dilemma of overcoming adverse situations in other people's lands.


It is here that our interest becomes a purpose to increase awareness and show the world the testimonies of those who in the future will be the ones who confirm that the immigrant's firm decision is summarized as: "not to be afraid of a new beginning". And that this new beginning is not only material or physical but highly spiritual.

Psalm 24

Of David. A psalm.

1 The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it,
    the world, and all who live in it;

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